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Vegan jewelry

Vegan jewelry is that which is produced in production and manufacture as well as in the use of raw materials without materials of animal origin. I therefore do not use horn, leather, freshwater pearls, mother-of-pearl, coral, ivory, feathers, etc.I do not use animal materials in the production of my jewelry, as these are usually not obtained under fair conditions for the living beings and unfortunately exploitation and breeding can also take place here.

A M M M supports the  SOKO animal welfare & protection organisation. I would like to sincerely thank SOKO for their work, the uncovering of a lot of animal suffering and thus the contribution to a fairer world for the animals too!5% of the amount of your purchases from the EMAILLE & LIJEL collections are donated every six months to the animal welfare organization SOKO.


A M M M makes clear reference to exploitative animal husbandry. Whether it's canary breeding for feathers, freshwater pearl farming, which threatens numerous oyster species with extinction, or animal leather from breeding and exploitation.Some customers ask what is exploitative about using feather and shell jewelry found on roads, fields, forests and beaches.

Here, however, a distinction should be made between found objects and the direct purchase of products in stores where breeding and exploitation of the animals are supported by the buyer. This is certainly something fundamentally different.


A M M M for the love of animals,

a vegan label ♡