the VISION is..

... to make this world a better place for all living being, which of course is nature, are animals and humans. to recycle/upcycle and reuse, to find materials out of nature and waste by humans and out of this to create new - the neverending process of transformation as life and death are

Creativity & ecological thinking first

At A M M M the main metals used are high-quality brass & ECO silver or recycled silver. Selected items are gold plated or can be gold plated to 18 or 24 kt at 3 or 5 microns if desired. ​

The L I J E L `MIXEDMEDIA´ Contemporary Jewelry Design collection consists of unique pieces in a combination of different materials with the main focus on sustainable up- & recycling variants using eco silver, 24kt gold plating & natural materials or finds from nature.


Love & Light