Refund policy

R E K G A B E & R E C L A M A T I O N​

You can return necklaces, bracelets or rings within 14 days that are unworn and *undamaged and in their original packaging, i.e. are still absolutely unused in their original packaging, but are not shortened or otherwise deviate from the item originally offered as a special customer-made product. Necklaces, bracelets and rings from the S A L E are also excluded from this. Please make sure that this is the case, otherwise I cannot refund the amount. (Paragraph 357 paragraph 7 of the Civil Code). 

Earrings, ear studs, hoop earrings as well as all reduced goodsfrom the sale (including necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.) are excluded from return and exchange.​*Note: Due to incidents that the goods such as necklaces soiled with make-up or rings with soap or dough residues as well as precious stones (cabochons) were scratched and the goods were therefore no longer possible for resale at the original price, the indication of the ` unworn goods ´ for me as a safeguard.

Most of the rings I offer in this online shop are adjustable in size - and therefore generally suitable or adaptable.Most of the chains I offer in this online shop have a chain length of 50 cm, which is also indicated for each necklace item. A necklace length checked by you with a tape measure in advance avoids a thoughtless purchase. If you want a different chain length, we will be happy to make it for you.This avoids sending back and forth and we are more ecological and careful with goods and shipping.​

PLEASE NOTE: The basic patina, which naturally occurs with brass / more on this under: JEWELERY CARE / as well as with silver-plated jewelery and silver, do not justify a complaint. Since it is a natural process and when buying brass or silver jewellery, you have to think about it in advance, i.e. before you buy it! - should always be aware of this.

The 'patina' / a naturally occurring oxidation process in brass, copper and silver jewelery can be easily removed with simple household remedies.

Jewelry should also always be cared for in order to have something of it for a long time.

​For returns, please send an email to 

The goods must be returned within 14 days in the original packaging. It is important for the refund of the amount to be contacted and to state the order number with justification for the return. Depending on the bank, it may take up to 10 days for the amount to be refunded.​

The buyer is responsible for costs associated with returns. It is recommended to send the return insured to avoid complicationsTo avoid not receiving a return, because the buyer is liable for an insufficiently stamped return / without a tracking number orreturn not sent by registered mail.​​

Excluded from exchange​For hygienic reasons, the following products cannot be returned or exchanged:​

1. Earrings, ear hoops / creoles and ear studs, practically everything that goes through an ear hole. Ear piercings may be newly pierced, or an unknown minor injury or oblique puncture may result from the insertion of the new earring. Due to incidents that the goods were reported as unworn and signs of wear such as residues of sebum were visible on ear hooks or creoles or ear studs as well as bends or scratches on metal or precious stones, all earrings in my online shop are non-returnablegenerally excluded, especially for hygienic reasons.​

2. Goods that are not reported and returned within the return period as well as used, tried-on goods are non-returnable.​

3. In general, all reduced items or items in the S A L E are non-returnable.The return address is:


Holstenring 11

22763 Hamburg​

More information in the refund policy.