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It is a fact that mining is one of the most destructive.

The mining of precious metals has a massive impact on the earth and miners. Many of them

(often small children) use toxic chemicals with very little safety precautions to extract metals from the ground.Working with ECO Silver / PCR Silver (Post Consumer Recycled) is one of many steps I am taking to make the jewelry at A M M M more sustainableto design.

Eco Silver is another term for recycled silver. This means that eco or recycled silver is not mined from the ground. It is made from scrap silver, electronics silver, and medical and equipment silver.

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The quality of ECO silver is the same as that of sterling silver because  eco silver

is made from recycled sterling silver. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver, with the remaining 7.5% being copper and other base metals.


The only difference in using eco silver is that the fine or pure silver I get the sterling silver from is 100% recycled silver and is an eco alternative to regular silver.


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Silver is a very durable material and will last a lifetime! A beautiful patinated surface can also appear after some time.

In general, you should avoid products that contain bleach and chlorine, as these can severely damage the silver.

You can easily clean the silver jewelery from its natural patina look by placing the silver jewelery in a small baking soda warm water bath for 15 minutes and then polishing it well with a fine-fibre cloth.