Animal welfare

I do without in the production of my jewelry on animal materials, as these are mostly under no fair conditions for living beings and unfortunately exploitation and breeding can also take place here.I therefore do not use horn, leather or freshwater pearls as well as mother-of-pearl, coral, ivory, feathers, etc.Whether freshwater pearl farming through which numerous types of oysters are threatened with extinction or animal leather from breeding & exploitation, canary breeding for feathers, Coral reef destruction and much more.

A M M M supports the SOKO animal welfare. For their work,the uncovering of a lot of animal suffering and thus the contribution of a fairer world also for the animals, I would like to hereby many thanks to SOKO! 5% of the amount of your purchases from the EMAILLE & LIJEL collections are donated half-yearly to the animal welfare SOKO.

A M M M for the love of animals ♡ ________________


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