Jewelry care

J e w e l e r y   c a r e


The brass I use is an alloy of zinc and copper. The lighter the brass metal, the higher its zinc content and the darker it is, the higher its copper content. Interesting for people allergic to nickel: The brass I use is nickel-free. Despite the high copper content, brass is not harmful to health. On the contrary, copper-zinc alloys have a bactericidal effect and prevent bacterial strains from settling. Due to the copper contained in brass, brass jewelry tends to oxidize quickly and this also creates what is known as "patina", discolorations which can also be seen in pure silver jewelry. The metals oxidize in air. There is always some air in boxes and jewelry boxes. Therefore, discolouration of the jewelery can also occur here. Brass jewelery can regain its original color and shine with a little lemon juice, vinegar or even toothpaste on a cleaning cloth and light polishing. The best precaution is to always keep brass jewelry dry and clean to counteract the oxidation process.

PLEASE NOTE: The fundamentally given patina, which naturally sets off with brass, as well as with silver-plated jewelery and silver, does not justify a complaint, since it is a natural process and one should be aware of it when buying brass or silver jewellery should.


Most of my jewelry from the enamel collection is enamelled by hand. The parts are hardened in an oven and then I finish the brass parts with files and brushes. With enameled rings or bracelets, care must be taken not to overstretch the metal jewelry, as enamel can burst. You can recognize this by the so-called "shabby look" of pewter mugs or other enameled pot products etc. Here enamel can burst when dropped and the original metal becomes visible again at the points of fall. Enamel can also be buffed back to a luster with a fine lens cleaning cloth or jewelry cleaning cloth.


Ceramic jewelry is relatively hard and generally rather insensitive. Ceramic jewelry is 100% anti-allergic. Ceramic jewelry does not tarnish, does not oxidize and has a very long lifespan. It is also very easy to care for and can be easily cleaned and polished with a fine cloth.

In general:

My sustainable jewelry is 100% vegan, so no animal materials are used.

Natural discolouration is a natural characteristic of silver and brass.

I recommend taking off the jewelry when bathing, showering, washing hands or doing cleaning work and other circumstances such as wet or under heavy load such as sports. Our skin breathes, produces sweat, sometimes we apply creams, so jewelry in general is always subject to a certain surface change. First and mostly only in relation to the color due to oxidation and in connection with the skin's own protective film. Brass can also take on a slightly darker "patina" over time.